12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium

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The purpose of our study is to observe web 2.0 communication on cocreation and branding of new craft beers in a trilingual crowdfunded beer community in order to better understand the role of multilingualism in cocreation. Methods: Observation of meaning negotiation in a community where three languages are mixed for communication during the process of beer creation on two websites and on Facebook. Types of creative translanguaging are distinguished and linguistic interference is annotated. Brand names for new creations and descriptors are listed. Results: Observations confirm the existence of a translanguaging space (French, Dutch, English) of a Brussels trendy beer lovers community. It is a space where the process of ‘cultural translation’ (Wei, Li 2011:1222) between beer traditions takes place. Discussion: The Brussels craft beer community is an interesting space for observing translanguaging in cocreation. Three aspects of language in cocreation are highlighted: one neology creation when a new beer needs a name, two descriptors in three languages because a beer needs detailed specification and three cross-linguistic punning, cultural allusions and typical zwanze in the Brussels dialect (refers to a semi-sarcastic style of humor). Existing studies on differences in dominance of sensory descriptors in different languages seemed to suggest that the language one uses influences the product experience (Fenko et al. 2010). The results of our case study show that sensory experience does not need to depend on just one language and that communication in a translanguaging space enriches cocreation experiences and results. References Fenko, Anna, Jacco J. Otten, and Hendrik NJ Schifferstein. "Describing product experience in different languages: The role of sensory modalities." Journal of Pragmatics 42.12 (2010): 3314-3327.   Wei, Li. "Moment analysis and translanguaging space: Discursive construction of identities
Period20 Aug 201724 Aug 2017
Event title12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium
Event typeConference
LocationProvidence, United States