Paper(s) presented:
Maximilian Grönegräs, Benjamin De Cleen & Yazan Badran - "Don't hate the media, be the media!": a genre-based perspective on pseudo-journalistic political communication

This article proposes the term pseudo-journalistic political communication to capture the use of journalistic genre elements in the political communication by (primarily populist radical right) parties. The term is based on a five-fold genre framework conisting of a genre's purpose, production, content, form, and reception. The term is tested on a case study in form of the Belgian Vlaams Belang's political communication.

Savvas Voutyras - Socio-cultural Aspects of Anti-populism: Depictions of Brexit supporters in online Remain communities

The primary aim of this paper is to shed light on the socio-cultural aspects and manifestations of anti-populism, a phenomenon that remains relatively neglected, despite some excellent work in this area we have seen in recent years. The phenomenon is examined at hand of different online Remain communities on Reddit and Facebook, the largest of which is the Facebook satire page ‘Very Brexit
Problems’, with a membership of more than 246,000, and its sibling group ‘The Very Brexit Problems Club’.
Period13 Oct 2023
Event typeSeminar
LocationBrussels, Belgium