Educating generation Z about gender equality in sport: experiences and perceptions of young people

Schaillée, H. (Speaker), Derom, I. (Contributor), Solveig Straume (Contributor), Helmien Rambaldo (Contributor), Gill Renfree (Contributor), Vanessa Jones (Contributor)

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Although research has reported increases in female participation in sports, women and girls are still underrepresented in coaching, leadership and decision-making roles, as well as in sports media. Given the continued prevalence of gender inequality in different aspects of sport, the GETZ-project looks at this issue from the perspective of the next generation. GETZ is the acronym for “gender equality toolkit for generation z” and aims to develop, deliver and evaluate an innovative educational resource specifically designed for generation z on the issues relating to gender equality and equal opportunities in sport. The GETZ-project is carried out by a consortium of institutions across seven countries and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme of the European Union. Generation z are individuals born in the mid-1990s to early 2000s, who frequently interact on social media platforms for a significant portion of their socialising and consequently social learning. In order to understand the perceptions, attitudes and actions related to gender equality and equal opportunities in sport among generation z, undergraduate students from four research institutions involved in the GETZ-project were recruited and a total of eight focus groups were conducted. Participants were asked questions such as: What comes to mind when you think about gender equality in sport? How does the media influence how you think about sport? Why is it important to have female members on boards of sport organisations? The preliminary results of this research are presented using Bandura’s social learning theory as a framework. In doing so, learning about gender equality can be discussed in light of four mediational processes, including: attention, retention, reproduction and motivation from the perspective of members from generation z. In each of the processes, the impact of participation, as well as peers, family, role models and the sports media are elaborated upon.
Period13 Sep 2019
Event titleInternational Physical Literacy Conference: Powered by Physical Literacy
Event typeConference
Conference number1
LocationUmeå, Sweden
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