-Title: Bringing wearable robots to the field
Due to technical advances, wearable robots including exoskeletons and prostheses are now
more affordable and available for (professional) use. Exoskeletons are aimed at lowering
fatigue and reducing pain. There are still barriers for adoption, including the challenge of
identifying suitable use cases in companies where a specific exoskeleton could be
beneficial, training how to use an exoskeleton and user acceptance. Also, novel robotic
(motorized) lower limb prostheses come with their own challenges. There is clearly a shift
from solely passive to quasi-passive, active and ultimately biomechatronic devices
(integration of biology, mechanics and electronics). In the iterative process of development
and construction, the evaluation of the device in a clinical and field environment is crucial to
optimize the process.
In this session, we aim to bring together people from industry and academia to share and
discuss the state of the art of wearable robots. Several speakers from industry and academy
will present their experiences with wearable robots. Furthermore, using interactive software
(Poll Everywhere), the audience can share their opinion using their smartphone to
encourage interaction with the speakers. At the end of the session, there is time for an
interactive discussion with the audience.
The goal of this interactive and participatory workshop is to discuss the following questions:
● What are the barriers towards actual use of wearable robots?
○ User acceptance: there can be resistance to use wearable robots
○ Training is still required to properly put on a wearable robot
More barriers will be identified and discussed during the workshop
● What actions are needed to overcome these barriers?
Period3 Mar 20205 Mar 2020
Event typeWorkshop
LocationMalaga, Spain
Degree of RecognitionInternational