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Van Saen, D. (Peer reviewer)

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Abstract: Tle6 (Transducin-like enhancer of split 6) is a member of the Tle co-repressor superfamily, expressed in various tissues of invertebrates and vertebrates, and participates in the developmental process. However, the current research only found the expression of TLE6 protein in tissues and cells, and the key regulatory mechanism of TLE6 remains to be explored. This study combined CRISPR / Cas9 and Tet-on system to construct mouse spermatogonia cell lines that induced TLE6
protein knock out, and studied the effect of Tle6 on mouse spermatogonia proliferation and cell cycle. The results showed that after drug induction, the Tle6 gene in mouse spermatogonia was successfully knocked out at the genome and protein levels, and the Tle6 gene knockout efficiency was confirmed to be 87.5% by gene cloning technology. At the same time, it was also found that the mouse spermatogonia proliferated slowly after Tle6 knockout. Flow cytometry found that the cells did not undergo significant apoptosis, and the number of cells in the S phase decreased After qRT-PCR detection, it was found that the expression of cell proliferation-relatedȱgenesȱǻCȱȦȱebpȱ΅ǰȱ G-csf, Cdk 4, Cyclin E, Pcna, and Skp 2) was significantly reduced, which further affected cell growth. In summary, Tle6 can regulate cell proliferation and cycle and provide basic data for future research on Tle6 function.
Keywords: mouse; Tle6; Gene knockout; Cell Proliferation; Cell Cycle
Period30 Jun 2020
Type of journalJournal
Degree of RecognitionInternational