International Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations Conference

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Panel title: Regulation, technology and mediation: the mutual co-construction of law, ICTs and society
Regulation of technologies can affect and be affected by society in many different ways, including law, social norms, ethics principles or standards, the market and the technological architectures themselves (Lessig 2006).On the one hand, emerging technologies can call for different ways of (legal) regulation, more or less flexible, which in turn can affect the power relations between institutional settings or influence identity formation of individuals. On the other hand, individuals and organizations can use technologies to regulate, by e.g. fostering a certain policy, socio-economic or political interests. These activities give shape to, and influence use of, the same technological artefacts, for instance through inscribing values and principles in by-design practices. Drawing on insights from Law & Technology and Science & Technology Studies, this panel takes a socio-technical perspective to shed light on the co-construction of digital technologies and the legal responses thereto. We bring together interdisciplinary legal scholars to discuss how emerging ICT technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, smart infrastructures and self-monitoring apps, are co-constructed with the different ways of regulating them, including certain conceptualizations of rights like privacy and data protection by companies and standardization bodies, but also specific legislative strategies, like the recourse to ethics or private law by the European Institutions.
The panel includes the following contributions:1.N. Van Dijk, Right engineering? The re-design of privacy and personal data protection2.K. Sideri, Agonistic algorithms and Medical software: A study into the ways technology mediates privacy3.R. Gellert, AI and the legal regulation of digital technologies: a private turn?4.S. Casiraghi, Ethics, Data Protection and EU Governance: The Role of Computer Ethics in AI Regulation
Period6 Nov 2020
Event typeConference
LocationTwente, Netherlands
Degree of RecognitionInternational