Life is a journey: residential location and a child’s daily independent travel in Belgium​

Fults, K. K. (Presenter)

Activity: Talk or presentationTalk at a public lecture/debate


Where children grow up has a large impact on how they travel and recreate in their youth. Inequalities in daily household travel choices exist across all types of residential locations, and surprisingly, begin at the earliest stage of life. Children have more independent mobility, or the ability to travel without an adult, in very urban locations and less independent mobility in suburban areas, where the amount of household automobile trips is the highest. Gender inequality also begins at young age for independence- female children are much less likely to make independent trips regardless of where they live.

We base our study on the most recent and comprehensive household daily travel survey data from Belgium collected over 2010 (Beldam survey). Using these data, we analyse the influential factors in independent travel for children aged 6-17 years old, including not only sociodemographic factors, but residential location, as well. We utilise generalised linear models to describe the effect of residential location on the level of independent travel for children, while controlling for well-established socioeconomic influences, such as gender and age.
Period15 Feb 202115 May 2021
Event titleEUTOPIA Science Fair
Event typeConference