MicroCT-SPECT fusion: Practical Examples

Activity: Talk or presentationTalk at an external academic organisation


Fusion of MicroSPECT images with CT images enables us to match the radioactivity distribution of SPECT with the anatomical map of CT. First we scan the animal using MicroCT (duration 2 min). Subsequently the animal bed is moved to the SPECT camera (without moving the animal) and a SPECT study is acquired (25 min). In order to correct for the translation between CT and SPECT we use 6 fidicual markers that are visible on both imaging modalities. After image reconstruction the SPECT image is aligned to the CT data based on the fidicual markers using an automatic algorithm (C. Vanhove). Fused data sets are then analyzes using AMIDE software (Loening et al.). During the presentation we will discuss practical issues and review a number of MicroCT-SPECT images.
Event titleSkyScan User Meeting 2007
Event typeConference
LocationBrugge, Belgium