Models and Metadata Revisited: Changes in Online Digital Bioarchaeological Practice

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Today bioarchaeologists are exploring opportunities to engage, inform, collaborate and interact with diverse audiences across the globe using digital media and new technology. As bioarchaeology has entered the digital age, concerns over privacy, security, and the long-term implications of sharing digital bioarchaeological data have grown. The debate over ethical best practices in recording, sharing and storing data has played out online, in workshops and conferences. Sessions at HEA 2013, EAA 2015, WAC 8 2016, and UCL in 2018 have produced a series of studies and proposals for best practice in data acquisition, sharing and storage. How have these discussions and debates influenced digital bioarchaeological practice? Have research approaches changed? To address these questions this paper compares and contrasts practice in online digital bioarchaeology between 2016 and 2018. New data on online practices for recording and sharing human remains online was gathered and compared to results from the 2016 “Models and Metadata” review, which analysed how digital bioarchaeological data was shared on online platforms. In turn, this paper suggests further improvements and changes required to increase the adoption of ethical practices and support researchers in the development of projects using digital bioarchaeological data.
Period26 Apr 2019
Event title47th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA)
Event typeConference
LocationKraków, Poland