Prepare and deliver the best presentation of your life every time(VUB)
The effect of the crust on the differentiation of basaltic magma(AMGC-VUB)

Sietze J. de Graaff (AMGC): “Making sense of destruction: Geochemistry of Chicxulub impact melrocks and granitoid target recovered during IODP-ICDP Expedition 364” (AMGC-VUB)
Sam Poppe (FARD): “Magma propagation through the Earth’s crust: unraveling emplacementtiming of dyklets and calcite veins in carbonate mudstones on Hovedøya Island, Oslo Fjord,Norway.
Jeroen Van Stappen (PProGRess, Ugent): Fractures in the subsurface: a look into the reservoir system of the Longyearbyen CO2 project (AMGC-VUB)

Sietze de Graaff: A hint of Geochemistry and a dash of Event stratigraphy (AMGC-VUB)
Pim Kaskes: Drones ‘n Dinosaurs: An integrated 3D model of the Naturalis’ Triceratops Bonebed in Wyoming (AMGC-VUB)

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