Appendix to Frederik Dhondt and Steffen Ducheyne, 'Theological and Religious Statements in Isaac Newton's Queries/Quaestiones to the Opticks/Optice, 1704-1730', European Journal of Science and Theology, vol. 17(3), 2021: Relevant fragments in Cambridge University Library, Add. MS. 3970



This document contains the appendix to a paper of ours that was published in 2021 in the <em>European Journal of Science and Theology</em>, vol. 17(3). It presents the manuscript material we have analysed in this paper and it also provides evidence for the relative datings we have offered there.
Date made available2021
Date of data production16 Feb 2021


  • Isaac Newton
  • Isaac Newton's religious views
  • Queries/Quaestiones to the Opticks/Optice


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