Supplementary data from: Diversity, population structure and palaeoecology of the Pleistocene large cervids from the Padang Highlands, Sumatra



This chapter deals with the dentognathic remains of the large deer from the Padang Highland caves in Sumatra. By means of a multiproxy approach we attempt to more fully document the presence and characteristics of the cervid family during the Late Pleistocene in this region. We used linear and geometric morphometric techniques to investigate variation, taxonomic position and body size trends in a dataset of upper and lower molars. Dental mesowear was used to assess dietary prefence in a sub-sample. The results suggest the Padang Highland cervids belonged to multiple populations of an early stock of Rusa deer of the size of Rusa unicolor, but morphologically similar to Rusa timorensis. Rusa sp. was reconstructed as a mixed feeder with an increase of the grazing component with age. 
Date made available2022
Date of data production19 Jan 2022


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