AMGC * Atomic Mercury Analyzer (AMA 254)

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    7G 421 Pleinlaan 2


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The AMA 254 Trace Mercury Analyzer, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, has been specially designed for the determination of mercury at low concentration levels in liquid and solid samples. There is no need of sample pre-treatment, such as dissolution or digestion, which is the case for other analytical techniques. The results are almost matrix independent, simplifying the calibration procedure. The sensitivity of the instrument is more than adequate to meet the requirements for the analysis of waters, beverages, food products, petrochemical products, coal and coal fly ash.

The serial arrangement of the cells makes the measurements in two concentration ranges possible at one sample beam path. The AMA 254 Trace Mercury Analyzer operates under full computer control using graphics interface and a mouse.


NameAMGC * Atomic Mercury Analyzer (AMA 254)
Acquisition date2/04/18
ManufacturersAltec (LECO)


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