Autoclave PBI International benchtop Timo

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    Pleinlaan 2 7G.411


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“Timo” autoclave are easy to use: water level check - loading - closing the lid - power supply check and main switch on; set up temperature and time on programmer then starting with sterilization cycle. Short user instructions
printed on front panel inform on standard procedure to be used. Digital display show set temperature, thermoprobe temperature and sterilization timing. Pressure gauge on top cover for analog pressure control.

“Timo” is a light autoclave with aluminium sterilization chamber.
Easy to transfer, you can use it wherever you need it. Quick to load and unload, this portable automatic autoclave is easy to program for daily efficiency. The external case is made with AISI 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

Thermally insulated top cover protects the user from hot surface. Safety thermostat disconnects the heating in case of overtemperature. Safety valve prevents pressure overpassing the maximum set limit inside the sterilization chamber.


NameAutoclave PBI International benchtop Timo
Acquisition date4/01/10
ManufacturersPBI International


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