Cleanroom for inorganic elements (metals)

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Accurate chemical analysis of inorganic elements and their species at ultra-trace concentrations is essential for understanding and modeling environmental systems and determining health effects.

In order to maintain sample integrity and prevent contamination during sample preparation or analysis, a high purity clean room or clean zone is required. Proper design, construction, use, and maintenance of a trace element clean room are necessary to achieve a high cleanliness environment.

Some of the most important design features of any trace element clean room are the use of high efficiency air filters, laminar airflow, acid-tolerant and low particulate construction materials, and vents for removal of acid-laden or toxic vapors.

The cleanroom is used in the preparation of DGT (Diffusive Gradient in Thin films technique) under an ultra-trace clean environment and this prior to field deployment.


NameCleanroom for inorganic elements (metals)
Acquisition date3/01/05


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