SEM Coating Unit E5100 (Polaron Equipment LTD)

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Quorum Technologies was founded in 2001, but the history of its product brands go back much further. The original Polaron Ltd company was at the forefront of electron microscopy (EM) sample preparation, having pioneered scanning electron microscopy (SEM) sputter coating and introduced the first SEM critical point dryer back in the early 1970s. Quorum Technologies today continues this fine traditional and remains a market-leader in preparation techniques such as sputter coating, critical point drying and cryo-SEM.

E3000 critical point dryer introduced, soon followed by the large chamber E3100, which is still in production.
E5000 SEM sputter coater introduced - the first commercially successful bench top sputter coater for SEM.
E5100 'Cool' sputtering system introduced. Importantly this product refined SEM sputtering techniques, as the E5100 could sputter finer (smaller) grain coatings with a process that gave much reduced thermal damage to specimens.


NameSEM Coating Unit E5100 (Polaron Equipment LTD)
ManufacturersQuorum Technologies (Polaron Equipment LTD)


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