Ultrafast scanning nanocalorimeter

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      This chip-based ultrafsat scanning DSC calorirneter consists of the calorirneter block, control electronics, control software, and data analysis software. A single Sensor or a differential setup can be used. The therrnostat can be used for fast scanning and for AC calorimetry. Sensitivity : <1 nJ/K ; Sample mass: > 1 ng ; Scanning rate: 1 K/s to 0.1 MK/s.

      This ultrafast scanning DSC is particularly usefull for studying very fast transformations or thermal transitions of metastable states in thin films or small samples.



      NameUltrafast scanning nanocalorimeter
      Acquisition date27/07/10
      Decommission date30/10/20
      ManufacturersFunktionale Materialien Rostock eV


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