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Organization profile

Organisation profile

The main research topics of the department COPS are the following: 1. New paradigms for hypnotic treatment in insomnia and depression; 2. Quality of life assessment in chronic insomnia and narcolepsy; 3. Psychoneuroimmunology in insomnia and sleep apnea syndrome; 4. Shift work as a contributor to occupational stress; 5. Development of neuropsychological assessment procedures for children; 6. Neuropsychological screening of ALTE and SIDS children; 7. Neuropsychological follow-up of children after adenotonsillectomy; 8. Neuropsychologcal functioning in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome; 9. EEG biofeedback therapy in sleep disorders; 10. Quantitative EEG and attentional performance; 11. Neuropsychologcal assessment of cognitive deficits in narcolepsy; 12. Relationship of REM-sleep and memory function in normal volunteers and selected sleep disorders; 13. Napping in the early afternoon: effects on performance; 14. Effects of preceding stimuli on reaction time (sequential effects); 15. Changes in different types of information processing with age; 16. Mechanisms underlying implicit learning in young and older adults; 17. Compatibility effects between stimulus characteristics and to-be executed responses; 18. The Simon effect; 19. Influence of knowledge of results on the acquisition of motor skills; 20. Psychopharmaca and maximal performance; 21. Psychopharmaca and long-term memory consolidation. 22. Attentional shifts and eye movements


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