Organization profile

Organisation profile

Research within this team is focussed on a selected number of topics within the domain of learning, teaching and management in education. Topics are: 1. professional development of teachers 2. self regulated learning 3. education technology 4. social affective aspects of learning and teaching, more specific: well being 5. school management, more specific: school culture and policy making capacity of schools 6. (study)career counseling Initially, the list is the result of the specific research expertise and preferences of the individual members of this recently composed team. In the recent years (and still going on) synergy between the individual lines of research has been the objective. Topics 1, 4 and 5 have been successfully linked in a project on well being and functioning of principals in primary schools. Self regulated learning (topic 2) is a central theme in all the other topics. The team seeks for co-operation with other departments. Since 2006 ONVO, a forum for collaboration with the teacher education (IDLO) and adult education (AGOG), has been installed. In the short term structural embedding of the many research contacts with Ghent University is an objective.


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