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Organization profile

Organisation profile

The department MFAB develops research activities in the domains of human physiology (see also research group MFYS) and general biochemistry ( see also research group ABIS). Most research activities of MFYS are dealing with the physiological effects of exercise and can be ranged within the following research subjects: - The effects of physical activity and inactivity on health status and quality of life; - Research into the more practical aspects of exercise and training; - Fundamental research on the effects of exercise on brain neurotransmission; - Longitudinal and epidemiological studies on possible mechanisms of 'overtraining' or underperformance. The research group ABIS mainly develops research on: - Fundamental study of the biophysical and biochemical properties of the human skin; - Objective and quantitative evaluation of some fundamental properties of the skin; - Objective evaluation of the efficiency of various dermato-cosmetic ingredients and dermato-cosmetic treatments on the human skin; - The use of hydro- and liposoluble plant extracts as active ingredients in dermato-cosmetic preparations used in skin care; - Fundamental principles of in vitro and in vivo percutaneous absorption of dermato-cosmetic products; - The use of iontoforesis in percutaneous absorption of vasoactive products when applied in physiotherapeutic treatments.


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