Movement, Nutrition and Health

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    1050 Brussels


Organization profile

Organisation profile

The research group BEGE fits into the restructuring of the research and research groups within the Faculty of LK. Within the BEGE research group, the expertise in the former departments BETR (BEWE) and BIOM (FIGE, CHINA, ABIS) is combined. Within the research group different behavioral or non-behavioral factors of health are examined: movement, physical activity, fitness, nutrition. Unique niches include physical activity promotion, experimental analysis of environmental determinants of physical activity, specific nutritional patterns, nutritional analysis, determinants of eating and living habits, body composition, economic evaluation of clinical and health protocols, exploratory research on energy consumption in various activities and Populations, physical activity and fitness of the teachers ... Research collaboration with other faculties and research groups shows the transversal character (EDWE, FRIA). The broad scope of the various health-related research activities within BEGE justifies the existence of this research group and includes completely different research fields than those of the other research groups within BESW. The members of BEGE are also active participants within the alliance research group VUB-Ugent Physical Activity and Nutrition. Within this alliance there is a close cooperation on research (cfr number of duplicate docentates with Ugent) and scientific staff retraining.