Movement, Nutrition and Prestation

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Organization profile

Organisation profile

The BEPR research group fits into the restructuring of the research and research groups within the Faculty of LK. Within the BEPR research group, the expertise in the former groups BETR (with the research group BEWE) and BIOM (with the BIME, FIGE and CHINA research groups) are combined. Within the research group, the performance aspect will be centralized which is where this research group distuinguishes itself from BEGE, where the aspect of health is central and the department MODI which focusses on the didactic aspects of movement. Some research projects may be relevant for multiple research groups. Performance is, however, the key word and (sport) performance-influencing aspects are studied in different ways: biomechanical analysis of simple (2D) to rather complex (3D) motion analysis tools (in both lab and field situations), technical and tactical aspects of different sports (Tennis, football, volleyball, handball ...), nutritional impact on sports-specific body characteristics and performance (cfr judo: performance ability in weight reduction), optimization of physiological processes (eg growth, development, and performance in and around the growth spurt Of adolescent nitrogen balance), physical and psychological characteristics of different athletes, growth and (muscular) development in relation to specific sports performance (cfr sprintstart research). The recent investment in a DXA device is part of the strategy for further collaboration and launch of innovative projects between the various research areas around performance and sport. This new technique sets our lab to the specific body components (bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass) in function of training programs, specific biomechanical stress, nutrition, etc ... very accurately at different target groups (children, adolescents, adults, master athletes ...) to map. Such disciplinary overarching projects (biomechanics, biometrics, nutrition, biochemistry, training) are necessary to map the various aspects of performance in sport so that performance can be supported. The BEPR research group would like this unique opportunity to profile itself at different levels.