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Organization profile

Organisation profile

The following focal themes can be distinguished in the research of SROM: 1. Theoretical linguistics: Research concerning French syntax and semantics 2. Applied linguistics, psycho- and sociolinguistics: Research on the acquisition and education of language, history of didactics of language, theoretical and historical analysis of sources of didactic language education (manuals) 3. Research on the theory of literature: Interest in a variety of approaches of texts (psychoanalysis, sociology, stylistics, semiotics) and in the relations with other creative and artistic forms of expression. Further on, research on the philosophical aspects and on the basis of literature. 4. Research on the history of French and Italian literature: French literature: mainly the Enlightenment, the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, contemporary French poetry (Y. Bonnefoy) with a special interest in Belgian authors (Verhaeren, the surrealists, Michaux). Contribution to the scientific editions of the work of Vauvenargues, Prince de Ligne and Cocteau. Italian literature: early nineteenth and twentieth century (Leopardi, Florentine Futurism).


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