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  • PhD 2018 - present: Collège de Doctorat de Biochimie, Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire, Bioinformatique et modélisation, Université de Liège- Génétique et physiologie des microalgues, Prof. Claire Remacle. Joint program with Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) Structural Biology Brussels, Prof. Joris Messens.
  • Graduate July 2017: Master in Plant Biotechnology, University of Turin, internal supervisor Dr. V. Alessandria, external supervisor Dr. M. Tuohy (NUI Galway, Ireland). Master thesis internship in Galway, Ireland (ERAMSUS+ program).
  • Undergraduate October 2014: Bachelor in Science Biology, University of Turin
  • High School Diploma July 2010: Science 


Attended conferences

  • 16-18/02/21, online conference: I-BE-C, International Bioenergy and Environment conference, poster presentation with a flash talk of 3 min, poster title “Characterization of the apx2 mutant in Chlamydomonas”
  • 07-08/12/2019, VUB, Brussels: 12th Annual Brussels centre for Redox Biology - Fall Symposium", poster title "H2O2 signalling from mitochondria and chloroplast to the nucleus in the green microalga Chlamydomonas: in vivo and in vitro approaches", flash talk (5 min) "H2O2 signalling from chloroplast to nucleus in Chlamydomonas".
  • 15/11/2019 Liège, Botanical Institute, B22: Photosynthesis and Symbiosis Day, 2019: 10 min presentation "H2O2 signalling from chloroplast to nucleus in Chlamydomonas".
  • 15-19/09/19 Sant Feliu, Spain conference "Thiol-based switches and redox regulation from microbes to men", poster title " H2O2 signalling from mitochondria and chloroplast to the nucleus in the green microalga Chlamydomonas: in vivo and in vitro approaches" 10 min presentation " H2O2 signalling from chloroplast to nucleus in Chlamydomonas”.
  • 10-12/07/19 Munich, Germany: "14th international conference on reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in plants" (POG conference), poster + pitch talk (2 min) "Defining phenotypes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mutants affected in H2O2 scavenging"
  • 07/02/19, Liège, Exèdre Dick Annegan: 3rd InBios Day flash talk (5 min) "Analysis of Chlamydomonas mutants implicated in H2O2 scavenging"




Patrice P. Hamel, Thalia Salinas-Giegé, Jonathan Przybyla-Toscano, Anna Caccamo, Nitya Subrahmanian, Nicolas Rouhier, Laurence Drouard, Pierre Cardol, Diego Gonzalez-Halphen, Claire Remacle. Chlamydomonas Sourcebook, volume 2, “Organellar and Metabolic Processes”, the mitochondrion: from genome to proteome (Chapter 11), editors Francis-André Wollman and Arthur Grossman, Elsevier, under revision






EOS Project No. 30829584


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