Victor Ooghe
  • Pleinlaan 2

    1050 Brussel


Personal profile


Victor Ooghe is a PhD researcher at the Architectural Engineering Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). He obtained a degree as Master of Science in Architectural Engineering at Bruface (ULB-VUB) in 2014 and a master degree in Urbanism at ULB in 2015.

In 2018, He started two research projects : Wood In Molenbeek (ULB, 2018-2020, supported by Innoviris) and Usquare urban development (ULB-VUB, 2018 -2023). At the same time, he started a joint ULB-VUB PhD research project on the public development of circular urban building projects in Brussels. The project is supervised by prof. dr. ir Philippe Bouillard (ULB) and Niels de Temmerman. This research aims to understand the public action and the tension between the required needs of current urban transformations and the environmental impact of the operations. It is driven by the collaboration with practitioners (mainly in the Usquare project. Current urban projects represent a large impact and circularity is often only developed in design phase or during the execution while early-stage decisions on urban planning or program could have more impact.