14th International Science of Aphasia Conference

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Aphasiology: past, present and future
Invited speakers are:Ria De Bleser / Audrey Bowen / Marco Catani / Olga Dragoy / Hugues Duffau / David Howard / Steve Lapointe / Peter Mariën / Gabriele Miceli / Carlo Miniussi / Lyndsey Nickels / Carlo Semenza / Cynthia K. Thompson / Evy Visch-Brink /Frank Zanow.
The Academy of Aphasia is an organization made up of researchers who study the language problems of people who have neurological diseases. Some of these researchers also provide clinical services to help people improve their language skills following strokes or other illnesses. Although this web site is primarily for the service of members, we have provided a few links containing general information for people with aphasia.
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