1)Berekening invloed hervorming BIV op basis van Euronorm en CO2 uitstoot op gedragswijziging. Contract. 2)Analyse van mogelijke rebound effecten van een hervorming van de BIV.

Project Details


Part 1: Reform of BIV (Registration tax)
The Flemish Government wishes to stimulate the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles in Flanders. Therefore, the current system for the calculation of the registration tax (BIV) has to be changed. The new calculation will be based on the Euronorm and the amount of CO2 emission of the vehicle. In this study, an estimation of the fiscal income in the new system wil be done, together with a comparison to the old taxation system. Also, the effect on the sales of environmentally friendly vehicles is calculated.

Part 2: Rebound effects
The second part of this research includes the investigation on 3 possible rebound effects, that could occur after the implementation of the new taxation system. The effect on the governmental income is analysed. Both the effects on the demand and the supply side are investigate, and this on the market for new and second hand vehicles.
The following rebound effects are included:
1. The effect on the governmental income after a shift to leasing contracts for the purchase of exclusive vehicles.
2. The effect on the governmental income after a possible renewal of the price setting strategy of the car companies.
3. The effect on the governmental income after a radical shift on the second car market, more specifically a shift away from second hand diesel vehicles with EURO 0-1-2 emissions, younger than 25 years old.
Effective start/end date29/07/1031/10/10

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