3D arthrokinematic study of segmental coupled motions in the cervical spine: analysis and adaptation of manual therapy techniques.

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The project intends to continue the study of 3 dimensional coupled motions in the cervical spine and intends to widen the field towards clinical manual therapeutic applications for the cervical spine and towards other joints, in particular the shoulder joints.
In vitro segmental coupled motions in the cervical spine will be analysed using electromagnetic and ultrasonic 3D tracking systems, with special interest to the effect of induced coupled rotation and side-bending as used in manual therapy practice. Additionally anatomical features of the investigated specimens concerning joint surface configuration, orientation of ligaments and structure of intervertebral discs will be quantified using a 3D-stylus.
Coupling patterns wille be compared with prvious in vivo research results on regional coupled motions and with the results of pre- and post manual intervention coupling patterns in patients with mechanical neck-problems. A mathematical model for analysis and prediction of the effect of manual induced coupled motions in the (upper-) cervical spine will be constructed and the effect of adapted manual mobilizing techniques, developed on the results of the mathematical model, will be studied in vitro and in vivo. This study, relating arthrokinematic, anatomic and clinical results intends to develop a better understanding of the effects and risks of manual intervantions in the cervical spine.
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/06

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