A historical overview of Dutch postmodern fiction: intertextual and contextual positioning

  • Vervaeck, Bart, (Administrative Promotor)

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hereas my previous OZR-project focused on the intratextual characteristics of Dutch postmodern fiction, the proposed research aims at elucidating the intertextual and contextual positioning of that sort of prose. This involves a historical overview of the links that exist between postmodernism on the one hand and literary plus extraliteray domains on the other and. or the intertextual part of the study, I look at the relations that exist between postmodernism and five important currents in he postwar literary scene in Flanders and the Netherlands: existentialism, experimental prose, new storytelling,utobiographical confessions, and popular literature (influenced by multimedia).The wider context is studied from two intertwined viewpoints: a sociological one (starting from the theories of Adorno and Bourdieu) and a political one (starting from the ideas of Lyotard and Jameson). The first viewpoint stresses distinction and hierarchy, the second intermingling and interchangeability. The first concerns itself especially with the construction of lualisms, the second with the deconstruction of these dualisms. The two actions are inseparable.'recisely this inseparability links the intertextual with the contextual: both in its relations with other literary texts and in its inks with the wider context, postmodern fiction constructs and deconstructs distinctions and similarities. In one and the ame movement, it dissociates and associates itself. The historical evolution of this dialectical process, lies at the core of my investigation.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/01

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  • Languages and literary studies


  • Dutch fiction
  • cultural studies
  • postmodernism
  • literary theory