A Personalised Integrated Care Approach for Service Organisations and Care Models for Patients with Multi-Morbidity and Chronic Conditions (PICASO)

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The vision of the PICASO project is that it will become a Europe-wide Continuum of Care service platform that:
will improve cooperation and exchange of knowledge between professional caregivers in health, rehabilitation and social care domains and actively include patients and their relatives in the integrated care settings thus supporting patient empowerment and self-care;

will bring about improvements in health outcomes, daily activities, and quality of life of older persons with multi-morbidities by personalising care management programmes to specific characteristics of the patients' profiles and support adherence to care plans at the point of need;

will reinforced medical knowledge and create new care models for management and treatment of patients with multi-morbidity conditions;

will allow more cost-effective care management through increased skills and collaboration of care professionals and more automated and efficient workflows, which eventually will lead to better health outcome and a reduction in hospitals admissions, and thus contributing significantly to the sustainability of health and social care systems in Europe.
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/01/19


  • care
  • multi-morbidity
  • chronic conditions

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Human rights and justice issues


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