A Scaleable Reactive Framework for Online Big Data Applications

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In 2015, it was estimated 2.500.000 terabytes of data are produced every single day. A significant part of this data is produced continuously by ubiquitous devices such as smart phones, sensors in sensor networks, and so on. With the advent of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the number of devices will only increase. A lot of this continuously produced data is available in the form of online data
streams, which can be used by developers to create online big data applications: applications which automatically process these streams in real-time so changes in the outside world are immediately reflected in the state of the application.
Today’s technological landscape makes it hard to develop such applications, and more often than not requires the combination of multiple advanced technologies and frameworks in complex stacks of, possibly incompatible, software. This is problematic for smaller companies, who lack the funds of "big internet corporations" to hire the necessary large teams of experts.
We propose to develop a new framework which enables developers to write online big data applications using a novel reactive programming language. Reactive programming languages enable developers to write applications in a more declarative and expressive style: developers can express what needs to happen with data, and the language runtime takes care of the distributed execution of the application on a cluster, in an elastic and fault-tolerant way.
Short titleFWO SB Mandate
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/21


  • big data
  • internet