A strategy for the implementation of a sustainable logistic concept for the city distribution of Brussels-Capital Region.

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Today, 80% of the city distribution for the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) is achieved by road transports and its share is still increasing. The need for a solution to a sustainable city distribution network is therefore critical. This research project is part of a coupled and integrated project of four years that prospects for a sustainable solution for the city distribution of the Brussels-Capital Region. In close cooperation with the research project of Milena Janjevic (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB), it has the objective of investigating and drawing practical recommendations for an optimal and fully-integrated scenario of a city distribution logistic network in Brussels. The key approaches are on finding a sustainable and economically relevant solution delivered under actionable results. A particular focus is attributed to the collaboration with the stakeholders.
In particular, this part of the project is dedicated to the clean technologies aspects that could be integrated in the sustainable plan. The focus is on the ICT solutions and on the clean transport solutions in order to optimize the operations as efficient as possible. Moreover, this proposal will work in close cooperation with the ULB on the institutional, socio-economic and spatial planning environment of the Brussels-Capital Region. Both researchers will deliver a report after the first two years representing a range of implementable scenarios for a sustainable city distribution.
In the second half of the project (last two years), the VUB contribution will be on the environmental evaluation of these scenarios while the ULB contribution will be on the micro and macro aspects. Once the evaluations are completed, the VUB will select the best scenario according to the stakeholders through the multi-actor, multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA). Finally, a report will suggest the optimal scenario for the Brussels-Capital Region with a clear strategic plan on how to implement it. As a result, this research project will perfectly contribute to the 2020 Objective of the Brussels-Capital Region that targets a smarter and cleaner delivery system. In a broader context, it will play an essential role in achieving the EU objectives of CO2 free city logistics in urban centres by 2030 and the Clean Vehicle Plan of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Effective start/end date1/01/1231/12/15


  • sustainable logistic

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