A Thematic network for upgrading the built environment in Europe through tensile structures. TENSENIT

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Tensile structures are a relatively new construction technology and have enormous potential according to their flexibility, use of minimum means and capability of easy removal. However, basic and multi-disciplinary knowledge is not widespread in Europe although the design process is inevitably a knowledge based activity. Furthermore, there are no uniform guidelines for tensile structure in Europe. This fact complicates Europe-wide activities of the industry. The Thematic Network will assemble, structure and analyse existing expertise and integrate this in knowledge bases. Specific parts of the datbases such as example projects and best practice guidelines will be adapted to seeral end-use groups who need this information to increase the quality of the built environment. the network wil identify gaps in current knowledge needing scientific research.
Effective start/end date1/03/0131/08/04

Flemish discipline codes

  • Materials engineering


  • Tensile Stucture
  • quality
  • architecture
  • design