“A Transdisciplinary approach to pandemic preparedness". The Pandemic Preparedness Challenge by the Institute for the Future.

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The overall goal of the Coronavirus Pandemic Preparedness (CPP) project is to learn from the current pandemic to be better prepared for a future pandemic. As with many societal challenges, such as poverty or climate change, pandemic preparedness is a wicked problem: it involves multiple problems that compete and conflict with each other. Nearly ten months into the pandemic, society still struggles with issues that remain unresolved and thus re-emerge. That is why a disciplinary or even interdisciplinary approach does not suffice. Instead, a truly transdisciplinary approach is required which not only transgresses the boundaries between academic disciplines but also engages in mutual learning with societal actors based on their knowledge and lived experiences.
Short title or EU acronymPANPREP
Effective start/end date1/02/2130/09/21


  • COVID19
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • societal impact and policy

Flemish discipline codes

  • Work and organisational psychology
  • Social behaviour and social action