A virual friend for audio-visual speech training of hearing impaired children and adults in Brussels.

Project Details


We propose a learning environment for children with pronunciation difficulties in which they play a wordgame with a 3-dimensional virtual face. The goal of this research is to develop, evaluate and apply a speech learning environment in which an animated friendly character would facilitate the learning/training for oral communication by creating visual speech. The scientific aim is the exploration of analysis and synthesis techniques for the integration of audio and visual modalities of speech. The technical aim is a limited domain demonstrator that can synthesize audio-visual computer generated talking characters in the educational setup. This will be done following three scenario's:
1 presentation and imitation of words in different modalities with assitance of the face of the virtual friend;
2 Recognition and identification of the words ina game form for finding the relationship between them and for educative repetition;
3 Exploration and communication in which each child controls a virtual friend with his own mouth motions for story-telling using the learned words.
The project also aims at hearing impaired adults to stimulate their confidence during communication. Testing will reveal the user's enhancement in correct perception and production of a spoken language.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/08


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