Abstraction and composition techniques for event-driven systems in Ubiquitous Computing

  • Van Cutsem, Tom, (Administrative Promotor)
  • D'Hondt, Theo (Scientific Promotor)

Project Details


In the domain of Ubiquitous Computing, applications are characterized by their high level of context-dependence; their application logic is causally coupled to their physical environment. At this time, so-called event-driven software systems are the most usable and scalable solution for programming such applications. However, event-driven technology as it stands today offers only a low-level abstraction layer to the programmer. The abstractions that event-driven systems offer, and their integration with classic imperative code are insufficient. This project aims to propose a structured form of event-driven programming, based on a combination of a select number of research topics. This structured form should allow event-driven programming to scale up by means of innovative event-abstraction and composition techniques.
Effective start/end date1/10/0831/01/14

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  • Mathematical sciences


  • Programming
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  • Artificial Intelligence
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