ACHEON: Aerial Coanda High Efficiency Orienting-jet Nozzle.

Project Details


The consciousness of the technological maturity reached today by transport industry including aeronautics is leading to a general absence of innovation and implies the need of breakthrough innovations which could give new impetus to the development of new models for the future.
ACHEON is a new project funded by FP7 Transport (Level 0) and aimed at developing breakthrough emerging propulsion technology for green air transport. It is an example of project starting from academic basic research which aims to produce an impact in terms of effective industrial innovation.
ACHEON project explores the feasibility of a novel propulsive system for aircraft which is expected overcome the main limitations of traditional systems related to commonly known jet deflection system.
The main advantage related to ACHEON is to produce the trust vectoring only by fluid-dynamic effect without any part in movement. In particular the project aims
to define:

the system, its control methodology and equations identifying the geometric and physical parameters, their possible limits and the fields of applications;
system design methods applicable to different sizes and architectures;
to explore the feasibility in the following fields:
traditional aerial vehicles architectures;
innovative aerial vehicle designs such as distributed propulsion;
innovative aircraft optimized for thrust vectoring

The ACHEON thrust system involves three different physical effects:

High speed jet mixing effects;
Coanda effect of adhesion of a high speed jet to a convex surface;
Coanda effect control by Electrostatic fields.
Effective start/end date21/12/1230/11/14

Flemish discipline codes

  • Other engineering and technology


  • vibrations
  • acoustics
  • fluid dynamics
  • combustion