Advanced NMR techniques in the chemical delicat structure and the study of receptor substrate interactions: implementation and applications on organometals, proteins and peptides.

Project Details


The High Resolution NMR Centre applies for the equipment necessary to develop novel NMR applications in chemical fine structure analyses in different areas of the VUB research, nl. organotins, proteins and peptides. Their common topic is the receptor-substrate or donor-acceptor interaction. Funds are requested for the purchase of performant console and accessories for the 250Mhz spectrometer and for an limited hardware upgrade of the 500Mhz spectrometer. The project includes: 1. NMR-studies of soluble and insoluble organotin polymers. 2. Donor-acceptor interaction in organotin chemistery. 3. NMR studies of interactions between organotin compounds and nucleic acid precursors. 4. Protein NMR. 5. Peptide NMR.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/01

Flemish discipline codes

  • Chemical sciences


  • NMR techniques
  • peptides
  • organometals
  • receptor-substrate interactions
  • proteins