Advanced Thermal Analysis

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The Advanced Thermal Analysis research effort of the FYSC research team focuses on contributing to the international progress of thermal analysis for materials' characterization, especially in the field of Modulated Temperature DSC (MTDSC), spatially localised thermal analysis (Micro-TA and Nano-TA), (ultra)fast thermal analysis (Rapid-scanning DSC and Chip Calorimetry) and hyphenated thermal techniques (Rheo-DSC). This work involves the development of techniques, the characterization of instruments, their calibration and verification, and their experimental exploration for the study of polymer-based materials. It is supported by finite element modelling of the heat transfer in the instruments.
Effective start/end date1/01/0931/12/11


  • thermal analysis
  • modulated temperature DSC
  • RheoDSC
  • heat transfer modelling
  • instrument development
  • nano-thermal analysis

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • (Bio)medical engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • (Bio)chemical engineering
  • Chemical sciences


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