Agreement relating to a grant offered by the association for international cancer research. "mRNA based immunotherapy"

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This project is potentially highly significant in that improved ways of loading and activating dendritic cells are required to optimise the chances of breaking tolerance to tumour associated antigens. This group has an excellent track record in this area both clinically and in pre-clinical models. The project has significant innovation although, as the authors point out, other groups have also proposed the use of in vivo mRNA to deliver genes to DC. It seeks to activate DC populations directly in vivo through the delivery of mRNA. The mRNA will encode tumour antigens as well as costimulatory molecules. Together, the hope is that DC will be activated for immunostimulatory expression of the antigens in situ in the LN. This will overcome problems associated with the ex vivo manipulation, loading and activation of DC using current technologies.
Effective start/end date6/12/111/06/12


  • Tonic Pain
  • Dendritic Cells
  • Evoked Potentials
  • Bispecific Antibodies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Immunology
  • Oncology

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  • Basic sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Materials engineering