An investigation into the specificity of artistic research

  • Ketelbuters, Martine (Collaborator)
  • Lesage, Dieter (Administrative Promotor)
  • Lesage, Dieter (Scientific Promotor)
  • De Pauw, Jan (Collaborator)
  • Tindemans, Klaas (Collaborator)

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    The academisation of the two cycles of artistic study courses in Flemish higher education implies that the teaching in bachelors and masters study courses in these domains should be based on research if it is supposed to be qualified as 'academic'.As these study courses are artistic, the point has been made that the teaching there should be based on artistic research. The concept of 'artistic research' has been subject to heated debate. From an academic point of view, the argument has been made that research should be scientific, that only scientific research can claim objectivity, that only scientific research can be falsified, that is. its claims can be checked by peers. From an artistic point of view, some people are worried that the concept of artistic research is only meaningful for a particular kind of art. The research project Re:RE:SEARCH will try to define the specificity of artistic research, It will try to argue for the legitimity of artistic research in a project that will imply three types of research activities: to reflect, to show and perform, to publish.
    Effective start/end date1/10/0630/09/08


    • artistic research

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    • Civil and building engineering


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