Antarctic Meteorites cUratioN, Digitalization and conSErvatioN.

  • Claeys, Philippe (Administrative Promotor)
  • DECREE, Sphie (Coördinator)
  • Debaille, Vinciane (Co-Promotor)

Project Details


The first part of this project relates to the most troubling problems of meteorite conservation: their rapid alteration, which even in the case of this freshly collected collection, is already observed within some of the specimens. To better contstrain the rate of this weathering process and optimize the conservation conditions, a set of alteration/oxidation expiriments are planned, with the aim tp rpopose possible remediation processes. First, the current conservation state of the colelction will be carefully accessed, and the most "at risk" specimens identified. The approach selected is to experimentally reproduce in accelerate the alteration processes by taking ambient conditions to extreme levels. Experiments must be conducted over a certain amount of time to obtain significant results in terms of best temperature and humidity conditions. The charges of regulations at the RBINS following the implementation of the ISO9001 norm entail the obligation to provide optimal conditions of preservation for the collection.
We aim to provide on-line broaden access to rare and unique meteorite by digitizing thin sections of the most outstanding samples, providing directly online navigable images obtained with the optical microscope and coupled to a detailed chemical map of the area at high-resolution, as produced by micro-X-ray Fluorescence. Such digitized thin sections will contribute to the study of RBINS meteorites, avoiding excessive handling, and will help requesters in their sample selection.
As a curation center recognized by the Meteoritical Society, the RBINS is committed to provide the best curation procedures possible. We plan to improve and advance the existing meteorite classification procedure already in use when possible and testing the use of Raman and micro-X-Ray Fluorescence prcedures.
Short title or EU acronymAMUNDSEN
Effective start/end date15/12/1528/02/22

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  • Clinical chemistry


  • Chemistry
  • Meteorites