Anthropogenically Induced Changes in Groundwater Outflow and Quality and the Functioning of Eastern African Nearshore Ecosystems

  • Polk, Philip, (Administrative Promotor)

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To assess the significance of changing inputs of groudwater and the anthropogenic substances it contains for Eastern Africa, nearshore ecosystems. To meet the general objective of the project three more specific objectives will be pursued which are indicated below together with an outline of the project methodology. 1) To construct a model of groundwater flow along the Eastern African coast. Existing data on aquifers and the water balance in Eastern African coasteal areas and hydrological field data will be collected with the aim to construct a a model of groundwater outflow that will allow a prediction of the response of the hydrological system to anthropogenic disturbances. 2) To elucidate differences in nearshore community structures and ecosystemen functions in relation to groudwater outflow. 3) To elucidate the importance of groundwater as a vector of anthropogenic inputs into the coastal zone. Groundwater will be sampled on a seasonal basis and analysed for nutrients, polyaromatic hydrocarbons.
Effective start/end date1/11/9630/04/99


  • biology

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