Antimasonic propaganda in Belgium 1870-1920.

  • Witte, Els (Administrative Promotor)
  • Koppen, Jimmy, (Collaborator)

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In 1887 the Belgian liberal government was brought down and the catholic administration would run the country for three decades. During this period antimasonic propaganda widely spread which cumulated in 1884 in the papal encyclical Humanum Genus. It described the masonry as a fact finding its only goal in overthrowing governments and suppressing catholic faith. At the turn of the century freemasons were seen as the greatest adversaries of spiritual wellfare. Against this vaste worldspread conspiracy many writers and clerics tried to influence public opinion in Belgium and throughout the world, hoping to keep the liberals and socialists out of government. This research wants to trace a pattern of the antimasonic discourse from the 1870S onwards till the First World War.
Effective start/end date1/10/0030/09/04

Flemish discipline codes

  • Social and economic geography


  • cross study
  • Freemasonry