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AdS/CFT correspondence is something like a Chinese-English dictionary, where the bulk AdS corresponds to Chinese while the boundary CFT corresponds to English. Depending on the personal preference and expertice, in some cases, the issues are more readily addressed in Chinese, and in other cases, the problems are more easily articulated in English. But with such a Chinese-English dictionary, in principle we can always translate one of them into the other language. This is the very power of the dictionary. Not only do there exist weakly coupled systems in Nature but also strongly coupled systems. The very example is quark gluon plasma, which has been confirmed to be strongly coupled by RHIC experiment only recently. Such strongly coupled systems are generically hard to approach by the conventional methods in particular if they are out of equilibrium. But with the string inspired AdS/CFT correspondence, which is strong-weak duality and naturally suited for the time dependent situation, such strongly coupled systems can be mapped to weakly coupled gravitational systems in one extra dimension. With these easily approached gravitational systems, one can shed light on some universal behaviors of strongly coupled systems. In all, AdS/CFT correspondence opens a window for us to investgate the strongly coupled systems which are generically intractable by the conventional approaches. My envisaged research is to explore various applications of such a dictionary.
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