Are financial statements of European listed companies-drawn up according to IFRS standards - comparable from the viewpont of users of these financial statements?

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Since 2005 All European companies who are listed must have consolidated bank statements according the IFRS Norms. One of the primary objectives of this obligation was the better comparability of the Reporting Year in Europe. The IFRS Norms contains however other open and hidden options. Therefore the users wrongly assume that they have similar financial statements. This research will check how similar the consolidated financial statements of the European listed companies are, from the users point of view. Therefore we have to check through the literature study for different methods for measure the similarity of financial statements and evaluate these methods. Then we will through empirical research watch who the users of this financial statements are and how they compare the financial statements. Further we will check which options are contained in the IFRS Norms are really important. Based on the gathered information there will be a measuring instrument designed for determine how similar the bank statements are. The results of this research may have an important impact on the further development of the IFRS norms. The research will reveal the problem areas as the wishes of the users within the norms.
Effective start/end date1/10/0930/09/13


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