Attitudes towards prediction and prevention of diabetes with family members of people with insuline-dependant diabetes: study of the parents.

  • Kristoffersen, Ingrid, (Administrative Promotor)

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In Flanders, a large-scale screening program is conducted to identify people with a high risk for diabetes. First degree relatives <30y of IDDM patients will be tested for immunologic and/or genetic markers. Individuals at-high risk for diabetes will be invited to participate in prevention trials.To assess the psychological implications for families with children at-risk, a follom-up study will be initiated to identify psychological parameters with a predictive value for 1) coping with the at-risk status of their child(ren) <16y and 2) willingness to participate in prevention trials. It will allow early detection of adjustment problems and will be enable intervention. Before being informed about the child's risk status, parents will be questionned on 1) reasons for taking the test 2) expected impact of the child's risk status on life style 3) risk assessment 4) controllability of diabetes 3) worries and beliefs about diabetes 6) willingness to enter prevention trials. Participants will also complete questionnaires on well- being, locus of control and illness perception. After being informed of the child's risk status, applied coping strategies will be studied. A comparable study, funded by the Research Council, examines the attitudes of first degree relatives > 16y of IDDM patients.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/98

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  • Psychology and cognitive sciences


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