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AUGMENTED CCAM aims to understand, harmonise and evaluate in an augmented manner adapted and novel support solutions ofPhysical, Digital and Communication (PDI) infrastructure, to advance its readiness for large scale deployment of CCAM solutions forall. The project will elaborate, extend and harmonise PDI classification and support levels mapping co-determined PDI priorityrequirements and adaptations.
EITHOS will develop a novel Identity Theft Observatory System, empowering European citizens, Law Enforcements Agencies (LEAs),and policy makers to further contribute to the prevention, detection, and investigation of identity theft related crime. It will provide acommon gateway for identity theft information and intelligence in Europe, built on top of a modern technological back end, basedon two pillars: (1) Inform & Educate European citizens through the observatory itself and via innovative awareness campaignsregarding the safety of their personal data and identity; (2) Identify & address the challenges that Police Authorities face againstidentity theft and develop a robust software toolset to support them and enhance their investigations.
Online social networks, news media and web platforms are the way contemporary societies operate for communication, informationexchange, business, co-creation, learning and knowledge acquisition . However, the veracity of information circulating in the digital worldis often in dispute. Indeed, disinformation and fake news (D&FN) increasingly affect and distort public opinion. National governmentsand supranational institutions recognize the spread of D&FN as a pernicious social problem. Indeed, the diffusion online of D&FNmay have severe consequences. First, the spread of D&FN might infuse uncertainty and fear, intensify the crisis situations, weaken theEuropean societies aggravating their divisions. In turn, the increase in divisions and fear leads to episodes of physical violence offline andother hate crimes. As such, D&FN have the power to polarise public debates and put the health, security, and environment of EU citizensat risk. Finally, the use of fake accounts, the involvement of AI-generated fake content and the use of bots that can spread D&FN at scalepose additional problems. FERMI will exploit a holistic and cross-disciplinary methodology towards a framework that will thoroughlyanalyse D&FN and their sources, in combination with all the socioeconomic factors that may affect both the spreading of such incidentsand their effects on multiple dimensions of society. Comprising a set of innovative technological developments, FERMI will facilitateEU Police Authorities to detect and monitor the way that D&FN spread, both in terms of locations and within different segments of thesociety, and to put in place relevant security countermeasures; it will produce and diffuse tailor-made training material designed for i)European Police Authorities, ii) other professionals and stakeholders, iii) EU citizens for combating the spread and limiting the impactof D&FN and increasing digital trust..
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/25


  • Societal issues in crime and terrorism
  • Disinformation and fake news
  • Education and training of police authorities
  • Police authorities

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Research, science and technology policy


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