Between espoused theory in use: development of a theoretical framework inrelation to educational and supporting activities concerning research management at universities.

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As a consequence of the change in the question of the legitimation of science as an institutionalised activity, the scientific research groups are expected to apply on R&D management.Traditional R&D management is oriented on trade and industry and its culture where the demands of the market take a central place.Universities and scientific research group have different priorities(e.g. autonomy of research, education of researchers).Given these observations the Research Council commissioned to STAM to short-term project which had the objective to study the consequence of the new context for research groups within the University.These two projects could be described as empirical institutional self-studies.The current application concerns a project which aims to underpin the empirical results in order to develop a new conceptual model that integrates theoretical frames from various disciplines.
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/97

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  • Psychology and cognitive sciences


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