Biologic basis for Beta cell transplantation

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In 1990 we have started a multicentre program in wich huma beta cells are being isolated in a central unit and are being placed at disposal for, first, a clinical trial of beta cell-transplantation by diabetics and second, a base research project investigating the possible causes of entfalen and developing strategies to avoid them. Clinical and general research with humane Beta cells is strongly being obstructed by the deficit of donor tissue and by the high prices of the cel preparation. Two side projects were consequently started to be able to obtain cheaper and bigger sources in the future; their is a search to the Beta-cell precursors in the human pancreas in the first on and in the second one, 'foetale' big beta-cells are being isolated and studied as a possible model for diabetes research and therapy. The extension of the FWO program G.3057.94 is being proposed for a two year period, butfinding answers to the asked questions will take even longer.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/99

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  • biological base
  • cel transplantation